Here it is February and everyone is looking forward (or not) to that busy time when taxes are due. Hopefully for a refund but maybe not. Now if you dislike doing them as much as I do, you will love my solution. VITA!

Here it is February and everyone is looking forward (or not) to that busy time when taxes are due. Hopefully for a refund but maybe not. Now if you dislike doing them as much as I do, you will love my solution. VITA! Now if you are thinking hard but nothing is coming up let me tell you that VITA stands for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. Maybe you were like me and had heard about it but weren’t quite sure what they did. So I went to Thixe Totty, the Director in charge of VITA at the Shawnee site and she explained. The VITA program is an IRS partnership with Volunteers Impacting People (VIP) and Central Oklahoma Community Action Agency (COCAA) which is able to then provide tax service to those tax payers who make less than $54,000 AGI. The service for all those who quality is FREE. It is staffed by trained volunteers who will also check your availability for Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit.

All federal and state returns completed by these volunteers are electronically filed with the IRS and VITA will receive an IRS confirmation that they have accepted your return. If you have a refund due, they can also set up a direct deposit of your Federal or State tax refund to the account of your choice.

To receive this free tax preparation all you need to do is call 878-1512 and chat with a VITA Volunteer. One hour appointments are being scheduled now for Thursdays and Saturdays from February 10 thru April 14, 2018. Thursday appointments can be made for 9:00am thru 4:00pm and Saturday appointments are available from 9:00am thru 3:00pm. When the schedule is filled, no more appointments will be made.

This year the location for the VITA free tax preparation will be at 127 North Park, Shawnee. You are asked to enter on the front side of the building - the south door. Please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time so that Beth Perry, Site Coordinator, will be able to confirm your time.

Now on to a lighter note– let’s talk fun and games. As I mentioned last week, the Center is looking for a ping pong table or 2 and it would be nice if they came with all the necessary equipment to actually play on them but…. if they don’t we’ll take them anyway. Dart Boards might also be fun but in the last column I forgot another item that Kate thought would be fun and that was a “shuffle board” table. I’m not quite sure if I know what that is cause the only shuffle board games I’ve ever seen have been videos of ships and people playing with sticks and shuffling baggie type things around. But Kate says they have tables that you can play on too. Who knew?

Now if you listen to Mike Askins on KGFF Radio (FM 100.9 or AM1450) at 8:35 on Wednesday mornings when he’s talking to Kate, he had a great idea for a game for the pool room. Skee Ball. Now Kate didn’t know for sure what Skee Ball was so Mike tried to explain and then volunteered the comment that it was a fun game and it would be great if someone would give the Center one of those. I totally agree. (Remember I’m from Jersey and Skee Ball machines were everywhere when I was growing up.) So if there’s a SKEE Ball machine in your life that is looking for a home, I know the perfect place for it --- the Shawnee Senior Center. If you have any of those previously mentioned fun and game items and no longer need or want them around, remember the Senior Center would love to have them. Call Kate at 878-1528 and let her know what you have.

And because I just mentioned Mike and KGFF I want to remind you that every Wednesday Mike and Kate are on the air at 8:35 in the morning discussing the latest events going on at the Center as well as the tried and true daily, weekly, and monthly things that are always on the Calendar that Valorie types up each month. The new February calendars are now at the Center and remember the menu for the month is now on the back so you can check out “What’s For Lunch?”

And remember that at the Senior Center “Age is just a number”, the facebook page is “Shawnee Senior Center” and the website is Check out the new pictures and info on both of those. Let us know what you would like to see on our website or in our Facebook pages.

And as always….. SEE YOU AT THE CENTER!