Go to Twitter and follow him at @aaroncasehester and retweet his tweet to the coach and help a Dale alumnus make a dream come true.

I had a great time as a student at Oklahoma State University 25 years ago, but my time there was nothing compared to OSU freshman Aaron Hester.

Hester graduated from Dale in May and fulfilled his lifelong dreams of attending Oklahoma State University in the fall of 2017.

When I went to OSU, a good week meant having enough expendable income to order pizza from The Hideaway instead of the cheap stuff from Pizza Express.

One thing I enjoyed a lot was playing basketball in the Colvin Center.

It was especially fun when it was offseason and some of the guys from the team would come play with the intramural gang.

I have lived in Shawnee three years and I am still finding out things that it seems like I should have already known. I recently saw a photo of Shawnee Wolves Coach Ron Arthur with Bryant Reeves. You might know Reeves as “Big Country.”

If you have never had the Big Country pizza from The Hideaway, you don’t know what you’re missing. Reeves played on a Cowboys team with Scott Sutton, Brooks Thompson and Randy Rutherford. Until I saw Coach Arthur in that photo, I was missing some important information. Coach Arthur was also a 1993 graduate from Oklahoma State University. Arthur was a part of the basketball program too. I probably played basketball with Arthur at some point while we were at OSU. Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb – who is currently running for governor – was also at OSU at the time.

As you can tell, Oklahoma State was turning out some really good people back then.

But as good as any of us had it, none of us had a week like Hester just had. Like I said before, Hester was raised in an OSU household and he has spent many afternoons and evenings in Stillwater cheering on the Cowboy athletic programs.

As a freshman, he was selected to be a “Paddle Person” – one of the rowdy fans who slap the padding

on the wall around the stadium with a big paddle. They are a big part of OSU’s home field advantage in football.

Hester was a finalist for Basketball Player of the Year in the News-Star Best of Preps awards last year. Obviously, he is a big Cowboy basketball fan as well. After OSU beat Kansas in a huge road win, he decided to have a little fun on Twitter.

“How many retweets for @thecoachmike to coach our intramural team for one game?” Hester tweeted.

“I knew coach replies to fans sometimes so I decided to tweet that,” Hester said. “It was really kind of a joke.”

But as Hester said, sometimes Coach Mike Boynton responds to fans on the social media network.

Boynton told Hester it would take 13,611 retweets to sign him up as a coach. That wasn’t a random number. That is the capacity for Gallagher Iba Arena in Stillwater. When I was in school, Eddie Sutton’s teams never had trouble filling Gallagher Iba. Of course, back when I was in school, less than 7,000 people would fill the arena to the top. It’s a little tougher since the expansion.

About 3,000 people have retweeted Hester’s tweet and Boynton’s response.Even with the help of sports writers for theDaily Oklahoman, KOCO-TV and Cowboys Basketball accounts, Hester still has some work to do to get his intramural team a high-profile coach.

Hester might have helped his cause a little Tuesday night. He was chosen before the Baylor game to participate in the Furniture Factory Outlet contest. Hester had to shoot a three-pointer from a recliner to win a $500 shopping spree at the store.

He kissed it off the glass for the win.

After joking that all of his practice sessions at Dale hadn’t prepared him for that contest, Hester said I was wrong.

“We did shoot from the bench sometimes and try to make it,” he said. “I thought I could make it.”

As much as he wanted to attend OSU his entire life, Hester could never have imagined a freshman year where he got to be a paddle person, went viral by tweeting at the basketball coach and won a $500 shopping spree.

I was always happy getting a Hideaway Pizza. At this rate, Hester will have a Hideaway Pizza menu item named after him before he leaves Stillwater.

Go to Twitter and follow him at @aaroncasehester and retweet his tweet to the coach and help a Dale alumnus make a dream come true.