School board elections were decided in Asher and McLoud Tuesday.


In Asher, a race was held for Office No. 3 between Michael Martin and Adam Kuhlman. Martin won the seat, defeating Kuhlman with 86 votes, or 85.15 percent. Kuhlman had 15 votes, or 14.85 percent.

In another Asher race, Tim Dobbs, and Frank Orman vied for Office No. 1 unexpired 3 year term.

Dobbs was elected to the seat with 81 votes, or 77.14 percent. Orman had 24 votes, or 22.86 percent.


In McLoud, Bobby Howard defeated Randy Patterson for the Office No. 3 seat for McLoud Public Schools. Howard had 100 votes, or 60.61 percent, while Patterson had 65 votes, or 39.39 percent.