Voters in the Grove School District will decide on a $200,000 bond issue March 6. If passed, the bond will not increase property taxes in the district.

The bond will allow the district to purchase a new school bus and new textbooks and instructional materials.

“A new school bus will help us out with our transportation needs,” Superintendent Mark Bowlan said. “Going back to 2013, our enrollment was 413, in 2018 we are currently at 520 so there is a significant need to add a bus to our route.”

The new school bus would be handicap accessible, along with security features including cameras.

With the continuous growth, there has been an increase in students riding buses to and from school as well as field trips, athletics, robotics, band and other extracurricular activities.

With the Oklahoma State Department of Education recently revising the standards, students are expected to master, there is an increasing need to upgrade curriculum materials.

“New text books and learning materials are always a need,” Bowlan said. “Our priority will be math, simply because that's where our biggest need is at this moment. Depending on how far our dollar will take us, hopefully we will have some left over to go into other areas.”

All grade levels would receive new texts and materials with the bond.

If passed, the bond will not increase property taxes in the district.

“We are currently in the middle of paying off a much larger bond that was approved in 2015,” he said. “By going with the $200,000 amount, we will prevent property tax from increasing.”

School bond issues must pass with a 60 percent supermajority.