After ice storms left lots of tree debris in the area, members of the Shawnee Wolves football team are providing a helping hand to local veterans and disabled residents. Team members have been working to clear debris for those who need help.

During the stormy weather, via a Facebook post, Shawnee Coach Billy Brown made an offer of help — noting the difficulty disabled veterans and the elderly may have with downed trees and limbs after the ice storms.

“Shawnee Football will pick up any downed trees or limbs for any disabled vets or elderly people that need our help,” he said. “Call the athletic office with contact info at (405) 214-7130.”

For others still trying to pick up, Central Disposal will pick debris up at the curbside as residents comply with a few requirements. Once a week, on normal trash pickup day, Central Disposal will take away debris that has been properly bundled:

• Tree limbs need to be no more than three feet in length and no more than two inches in diameter and bundled with twine or string

• Yard waste should be placed no more than seven feet from the curbside

• Yard waste should be placed at curb for pick-up no later than 7 a.m.

• Yard waste is not to be placed in the polycart

If limbs are larger than two inches in diameter and less than six inches in diameter, they can be taken to the transfer station located on 45th Street with a current water bill. Limbs taken directly to the transfer station don’t have to be cut up to the three feet in length. They only have to be less than six inches in diameter and they do not have to be bundled.

For questions regarding Central Disposal’s yard waste services, call (405) 275-0900.