McLoud schools is planning to spend some of their county education sales tax.

At Monday's Pottawatomie County Board of County Commissioners meeting, the board approved McLoud Schools to install fiber optic cable to various buildings on the campus. The wrestling building, baseball building and bus barn will all receive new wiring.

The contract was awarded to Beasley Technology Inc., for a total cost of $9,160. McLoud will use funds available to the district from the county's education sales tax.

Pottawatomie County Districts 1 and 2 are both going out for bid on chip and seal road projects.

District 1 roads include:

Moccasin Trail east of Hazel Dell to Highway 177 – 3.5 miles

Range Road south of County Line/EW 1070 to Moccasin Trail – 2 miles

Bethel Road south to Moccasin Trail to Garret's Lake – 2 miles

N. Highway Drive sough of County Line/EW 1070 – 1 mile

County Line/EW 1070 East of N. Highway Drive - 1 mile

Bryan Road south of Wolverine Road – 1 mile

Brangus Road south of Wolverine Road – ¾ mile

Westech Road east of Gemini Street to Brangus – ½ mile

Austin Country Estates – 2 miles

Bethel Road south of Highway 270 to Old Highway 270 – ½ mile

District 2 roads will include:

Etowah Road to county line west of 102 – 5 miles

Okay Road to Etowah Road to Highway 9 – 8 miles

Walker Road from Highway 9 to N. Clear Pond Road - 4 ½ miles

Fishmarket Road from Hardesty to 89th - 4 miles

Hardesty Road from 177 to Highway 102 – 6 miles

Dutton Road and Fishmarket Road – 4.1 miles

District 3 plans to do 20-25 miles of chip and seal in a separate project.

The commissioners approved the city of Oklahoma City for a utility permit to lay 48-inch pipe near Crosslin Road between Highway 39 and County Road 1395. Archer Western Construction will perform the project.

The Pottawatomie County South Annex was approved to purchase a new water softener. Total cost of the new Culligan 8-inch Mediallist softener is $1,600 with a $35 per month maintenance fee.

There was no burn ban issued this week.