The investigation and search warrant continues in Lincoln County after deputies raided a burglary stash house near Prague, where authorities discovered about $250,000 in stolen property — everything from trailers to TVs, guitars, several Purple Hearts and even a coffin.

The investigation and search warrant continues in Lincoln County after deputies raided a burglary stash house near Prague, where authorities discovered about $250,000 in stolen property — everything from trailers to TVs, guitars, several Purple Hearts and even a coffin.

Deputies believe the theft ring and stash house had been operational for about six months.

The search for a suspicious vehicle led to the search warrant that was served early Sunday at 100793 S. 3520 Road, which is a few miles north of U.S. 62. Deputies have been on the scene since Sunday and expect to be working this search warrant for several days, Lincoln County Sheriff Charlie Dougherty said Monday.

Even after several truckloads of recovered stolen property had been removed, the tedious process continued inside the home and its outbuildings Monday afternoon, where deputies found every room crammed with stolen property, much of it inside totes that were stacked to the ceiling.

“In my 38 years, I've never seen anything like this, “ Dougherty said about the recovery. “We’re trying to find all the victims we can.”

With help from several property owners whose items were found at the scene, some of the stolen goods have been identified and returned, with deputies solving numerous burglaries in both Lincoln and Pottawatomie counties and elsewhere.

“Each tote has got information from a family … we're trying to find all the victims,” Dougherty said as he walked through the maze of stolen goods. “We've recovered everything from flat-bed trailers to a John Deere Gator to homemade dolls that some Grandma made. Our plan is to stay here and meet with victims and have them identify stuff. Hopefully when we leave out of here, there is no more stolen property at this property and we've helped somebody out so they can get their stuff back.”

Numerous stolen appliances, trailers, as well as a Massey-Ferguson tractor and brush hog stolen from a Shawnee home have been found, he said, along with just about any type of household item imaginable. Several firearms were found and those owners have been identified, Dougherty said.

Deputies also found several stolen Purple Hearts, a uniform and other military items and hope to find the veterans who rightfully own them so they can be returned.

Burglaries from at least four counties are involved in this case, he said, including Lincoln, Pottawatomie, Seminole and McClain counties, as well as thefts in Shawnee and Purcell.

The sheriff said many of the home burglaries that they've already solved were residences within two miles of this home, as well as several homes that were burglarized on Moccasin Trail Road.

So far, “we've solved 14 cases,” Dougherty said about his office, but that number is still rising.

Dougherty, who said they estimate they have a quarter of a million dollars worth of stolen property involved in this raid, said they're working closely with other agencies, including the Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office, Shawnee Police Department, Purcell Police Department and McClain County Sheriff's Office.

Pottawatomie County deputies have confirmed they have been able to solve several Pottawatomie County residential burglaries from this raid.

Several victims of recent home burglaries — including one woman who reported everything was taken from her aunt's home, have been trying to identify their items.

Stephanie Frazier of Ada said everything — including doors and their hinges, the stove top and even the air conditioner — was taken from her relative's home on Feb. 7. She was among the property owners at the scene Monday, looking through piles of property in search of her belongings.

When asked what she was most happy to find, Frazier couldn't help but tear up over something sentimental. What she found was a handmade item that really was irreplaceable — it was a crocheted angel made by her late mother.

Another man at the scene was happy when he found his family's Bible and his high school yearbook.

But for all the items that have been identified and removed by the truckload, the sheriff said there is so much more that they need to match with rightful owners. Several things — such as a military uniform, an autographed OU football, and more are among the items they are trying to match with an owner.

Dougherty said some items have owner names which can help, although some are common names that could make it difficult to track down an owner, while other items could belong to anyone. Deputies also are going through stolen property reports, but also encourage those who have reported stolen property to contact the sheriff's office.

Dougherty, who said this home was reportedly empty eight months ago, believes the stolen property has been stashed here for the past six months. No one was home at the time of the raid, but Dougherty said their suspect has allegedly been living in that home and they are looking for him.

“There are so many questions we still need answers to,” the sheriff said, but added he is very happy with the cooperative law enforcement effort in the case.

The sheriff said a phone call about a suspicious vehicle is what ultimately led to this discovery.

Dougherty said Lincoln County Patrol Deputy James Robinson, whose nickname is “Lucky,” responded to that area for a suspicious vehicle over the weekend and drove through an area where he noticed three trailers in the woods.

Upon further check, they were all reported as stolen, so Lincoln County authorities sought out a search warrant for the home, which led to Sunday's discovery.

As deputies have worked that scene, some of the property that was marked or that owners had record of has been the easiest to match up.

Deputies suggest that using cell phone cameras to take photos of valuable items to have a permanent record in case of theft is a good idea, along with making notes of serial numbers whenever possible.

Anyone with information on this case or anyone hoping to recover stolen property should call the sheriff's office, 405-258-1191.