Note: This is the first in a three-part series looking at the various projects in the three Pottawatomie County districts. This story focuses on District 1. Work in Districts 2 and 3 will be featured in upcoming editions.


Several projects in District 1 of Pottawatomie County are wrapping up.

Recently, eight miles of county roads in the district were resurfaced. Portions of Bryan, Wolverine, Brangus, County Road 107, Thornbru, Surrey, Jackrabbit and Cottontail totaled eight miles of road that were chip and sealed.

“This was the first stage of several on a much larger project. In addition to the eight miles already completed, we will include 14 additional miles of county road that will be hard surfaced starting in the spring,” said District 1 County Commissioner Melissa Dennis. “We are currently prepping the roads for the upcoming spring/summer schedule.”

District 1 has also completed two bridge replacement projects in the county. The bridge on Westech Road near the Blackhawk Casino and County Road 113 wrapped up within the last few months.

“Out of 71 bridges, or structures over 20 feet, that leaves one wooden bridge on Wolverine Road as the only remaining bridge in need of repair. The plan is to have it replaced this summer,” Dennis said.

One of the district's toughest challenges was repairing a portion of Brangus Road that had been washed out since 2007 due to a flash flood on the North Canadian River. The county did major repairs and opened the road back up in 2017.

Another flood in 2013 took out a portion of Crosslin Road and that was reopened in 2017.

A one-mile stretch of Brangus Road and Acme Road received new asphalt and both were completed at the end of the 2017 year.

One of the projects Dennis is currently involved in is the new Community Garden, located at 708 West Main Street in Shawnee.

After taxes are not paid on a piece of property, the land reverts back to the county. The county has several lots throughout that are sitting vacant. The specific piece of property at 708 West Main Street was donated to the city of Shawnee and now it is being turned into a community garden.

“It provides the community with an option to learn healthy habits and grow as a community,” Dennis said. “This is a great project to be involved with.”

One undertaking Commissioner Dennis is working to get resolved is on Kickapoo Road, which is located in front of the Mabel Basset Prison in McLoud.

Since the state built the prison, Dennis is asking for funding from the state to redo that road.

“There is a state prison on the county road that causes heavy traffic which results in rapid deterioration. This is an expense the county can't afford to keep up with, without help from the state,” Dennis said.

Read about the projects in Districts 2 and 3 in upcoming editions.