The Gordon Cooper robotics team doesn't use spring break as a vacation.

The Sprockets are using the week off to fine tune their strategy for the upcoming robotics competition, which will be held next week at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City.

On Wednesday, the Sprockets, who consist of students from all over Pottawatomie and Lincoln County, invited teams from around Oklahoma to practice on their mock course to prepare for next week's event.

Looking forward to the competition, members of the Sprockets are excited for not only the competition but the fellowship between teams.

“I like the community aspect of the competitions,” Daniel Albrecht said. “A lot of schools use it as a competition but here we view it as a community and get to learn from all the great teams.”

The entire robot is manufactured at Gordon Cooper and several of the students manufacture parts for other teams in the area.

“I enjoy building with team members and interacting with other teams from around the world” Laura Farris said.

During the practice sessions at Gordon Cooper, teams from Oklahoma and bounce ideas off each other while they use the mock course to see what needs to be modified before next week.

“This is a good time to use the technology and look to improve our ideas,” Jodi McCool said.

At next week's competition, 61 teams will be competing for a chance to compete at nationals.

“The unique aspect about this competition is no two robots are the same,” Gordon Cooper Director of Instruction Roger Farris said. “The students work long hours preparing for this competition which is very similar to a sporting.”

This year the robot's name is Sprocketpede in honor of the 80's video game Centipede. The total cost of the robot cannot exceed $4,000 and no single part can be over $500.

Competition will start Thursday , March 29 and run through Saturday.

For more information, visit the Sprocket's website