Bethel High School’s faculty and staff recently announced Mrs. Brianne Johnson as the 2017-2018 Site Teacher of the Year.

“Mrs. Johnson was presented the title, alongside a beautiful bouquet and gourmet goodie bag, during a celebratory staff luncheon last Wednesday,” a press release reads.

Because of this honor, she is now eligible to apply for District Teacher of the Year, which will be awarded during the month of April.

The release states Johnson is an exceptional educator who has been in the profession for twelve years. This marks her fourth year at Bethel Public Schools where she currently teaches multiple-level English courses including Pre-AP English II, AP English Language, English IV, as well as English for the Bethel/Dale Alternative Night School program.

In addition to her English responsibilities, Johnson runs “The Posted Paw,” Bethel High School’s weekly newspaper, and she also is Junior Class Sponsor, who is responsible for this year’s prom, the release states.

“Her hard work and dedication to the students and staff at Bethel High School are very much appreciated,” according to the release.

Outside of her Site Teacher of the Year title, she is also a finalist for the POE High School Merit Award, which will be awarded on April 13.