Shawnee residents will start seeing something new from the Shawnee Police Department, Police Chief Mason Wilson said.

The SPD has motorcycles on the streets working traffic. “These motorcycles will be focused on traffic offenses in the City of Shawnee,” he said. “Citizens will see these motorcycles in high traffic areas where offenses such as speeding and running red lights have become an issue.” He said the motorcycles also will be deployed in the school zones to enforce speed limits.

“The motorcycles are equipped with lights and sirens and do have police markings,” he said. “The officers are uniformed.”

These motorcycles are electric, do not emit exhaust and there is no fuel usage or costs associated with their operation, he said.

“We have been very impressed with them and their ability to perform and out-perform many of their gas operated counter-parts,” he said. “The officers operating the motorcycles have been equipped with safety gear and received law enforcement motorcycle training.”

Any motorcycle is difficult to see or hear from a moving vehicle, Wilson cautioned.

“Our motorcycles are completely silent,” he said. “We urge drivers to remain aware of all motorcycles that share the road.”

Since the weather is getting warmer, Wilson said residents will see more motorcycles on the streets.

“We want all riders to be safe in Shawnee,” he said.