At the southeast corner of East 45th Street and Hyatt Road, applicant Bonray Real Estate, LLC., requested final plat approval this week for Shawnee Trail Office Park.

At the southeast corner of East 45th Street and Hyatt Road, applicant Bonray Real Estate, LLC., requested final plat approval this week for Shawnee Trail Office Park.

The site is 4.06 acres and is currently zoned as a Planned Unit Development (PUD), regulated by C2 (Office Commercial) zoning standards. The owner intends to create an 8-lot private office park there.

The concept of the PUD is to develop the approximately 4 acres as an office park with individual lots — consisting of nine office buildings ranging from 2,500 square feet to 6,000 square feet.

The PUD and preliminary plat were both unanimously approved by Shawnee City Commissioners Jan. 16.

Community Development Director Justin DeBruin said staff has reviewed the final plat application and has found the documents to be in conformance with the City of Shawnee zoning code, subdivision regulations and the comprehensive plan. Conditions placed on PUD and preliminary plat approvals also have also been resolved, he said.

The proposed use is appropriate for the existing C2 zoning, so the transition to a PUD serves primarily to ensure appropriate common access elements and maintenance agreements, DeBruin said.

In summary, the approved PUD and Preliminary Plat can be summarized as follows:

Eight developable lots and one out lot for storm water detention.

Private, internal roadway network with on-street parking.

All structures will have a minimum of 90 percent brick/stone facade.

Ten percent landscaping requirement shall be met.

Sight proof fencing shall be placed along the south property boundary, where abutting residential zoning.

A six-foot sidewalk will be constructed along 45th Street.

A Property Owner’s Association (POA) will be established to control site maintenance.

The proposed use is in conformance with the existing C2 zoning.

In other business, a couple neighboring properties are in the process of starting development, but first they have a few more hurdles to work through.

First, the partial razing of the Quality Inn Motel, at the northwest corner of Interstate 40 and Harrison, has made way for a new development once City Commissioners approve rezone and preliminary plat requests.

According to a staff report by DeBruin, the applicant, Mr. Nilesh Patel, owner of approximately 4.5 Acres of property at 4900 N. Harrison St. requested a rezone from C-3 (Highway Commercial) to a Planned Unit Development (PUD) to add more commercial development.

“As the Quality Inn Motel occupies the one existing lot, the intent is to create an additional lot, at approximately 2.33 acres in size to facilitate three additional commercial structures,” DeBruin said. “The two proposed lots will maintain common access, per a reciprocal access easement recorded by the County.”

Though the underlying zoning for the subject PUD will remain C-3, he said the PUD provides a vehicle for negotiating modifications in standard development requirements to encourage innovative development and protect the health, safety and welfare of the community.

The goal of the PUD is to allow the existing Quality Inn Motel to continue operation and to provide upscale retail shopping, personal service businesses, restaurants and other businesses.

The property has 663 feet of frontage along Harrison, which will serve as the arterial road access to the site.

The two existing private drives will be shared by the Quality Inn Motel and Shawnee Retail Center.

A request also has been made for a preliminary plat.

The Planning Commission has now deferred the rezone and preliminary plat requests twice — this time to its May 2 agenda to allow time for additional corrections. The items likely will follow suit and be deferred by City Commissioners at their April 16 meeting.

The neighbor directly west of the proposed Shawnee Retail Center is seeking a preliminary plat for Maple Development, LLC located on Shawnee Mall Drive, east of the BNSF railroad tracks. Applicant Sid and Javal, INC, is requesting preliminary plat approval to divide an existing 8.5 acre tract of land into five commercial lots. Access is limited to one cul-du-sac due to an Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) limits-of-no-access along Shawnee Mall Drive.

Based on the planning department’s review of the proposal, a number of corrections are necessary for conformance with City Code. Staff recommended the item be deferred to the May 2 Planning Commission agenda to allow time for additional corrections. This property plan, too, has now been deferred twice.

DeBruin said the sites are adjacent to each other and the applicants are in the process of working together to extend sewer and water lines.

Watch for updates.