At the conclusion the three-day filing on Friday, races for Assessor, Treasurer and District 1 and 3 County Commissioner are now set in Lincoln County, with only one incumbent filing for re-election this term.

Lincoln County Assessor: Candidates are Jackie Holcomb, Chandler, and Will Fine, Stroud. Both filed as Republicans.

Lincoln County Treasurer: Candidates are Brenda Jackson, Prague, and Virgil Wilson, Chandler. Both filed as Republicans.

Lincoln County District 1 Commissioner: Democratic candidates are Carl Munson, Stroud, Ralph Pryor, Sparks, and and Roger E. Carney of Stroud. Bob Wilson, Stroud, is running as a Republican and Charlie Williams, Kendrick, filed as a Democrat.

Lincoln County District 3 Commissioner. Republican candidates are Incumbent Lee Doolen, McLoud, and Mark Streber, Meeker. Tom Miller, Meeker, filed as a Democrat.