Jason Harris, a resident of McLoud, announces his bid for Oklahoma House District 27. Jason has a long history of working with educators across the state including over eight years with the Oklahoma Historical Society. In his role as Director of Education at the Oklahoma History Center, Jason worked with hundreds of thousands of students, school districts across Oklahoma, with the National History Day program, and with countless other museums to facilitate teacher training and student enrichment. Jason announced his bid for the district seat following Representative Josh Cockcroft’s announcement that he would not run for office again.

“I have a unique perspective that I can bring to the capitol for the voters of my district” Jason said. “I have experience with both education and state employment. I understand personally how repeated revenue shortfalls and budget cuts have impacted our classrooms and our state agencies. Funding for core state services must be reliable.” Mr. Harris added, “It is time that we make education about outcomes and not dollars and tests. It is time that we lower elementary classrooms size to 18 students per teacher and middle school and high school 22. It is time for us to set up a system that enables learning, growth, mentorship, and relationship building. It is time that we invest in our state and grow the leaders, innovators, and businesses men for the next generation. We need to determine to build the best education system in the nation.” According to the candidate there are a number of issues to address including education, healthcare, accountability, and governmental reform. “It is time that we fill our capitol with statesman who can work across the aisle to accomplish the best for our citizen” Harris noted. Prior to working in the informal education environment Mr. Harris work as an EMT in both rural and urban emergency services including EMSA. “My work as an EMT provided me firsthand experience with Oklahoma emergency services and our healthcare system” said Harris. “Access to adequate, affordable healthcare for all Oklahomans should be a priority of our legislature.”

Jason Harris lives with his wife and children on a small acreage in McLoud, Okla. His children attend Bethel Public Schools. Jason is a native Oklahoman who graduated from Little Axe High School. Jason currently serves as the executive director at the Chisholm Trail Museum in Kingfisher, Okla. He holds a BA and MA in History – Museum Studies from the University of Central Oklahoma.

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