Hello, fitness enthusiasts.
I am committed to making sure everyone understands, takes serious, and enjoys all the benefits of being in the best shape of their lives.

Hello, fitness enthusiasts.

I am committed to making sure everyone understands, takes serious, and enjoys all the benefits of being in the best shape of their lives. When you provide your mind and body all the necessary essential nutrients, you become more healthy, feel great and have more energy! When your muscles are strong, you are able to move vigorously through your day without allowing the physical stresses you endure to sabatoge your performance. When you continue to make improvements in your body composition and weight, you decrease risks for many serious health complications, are more mobile, and increase confidence. Simply put, when you look better, feel better, and perform better everything else in your life improves because you are able to excel more, both mentally and physically. You become a better business owner, employee, a more caring father, mother, husband, and wife. Everyone benefits!

Fitness is fun, but it is also very serious business. Just like investing, the earlier you begin, and the more consistent you are..., the better results you will have, because of compounding interest. Your health is no different. Take care of yourself consistently, and for a long enough period of time, and your benefits are compounded, making your exercise journey easier and your fitness portfoli more powerful each and everyday.

I get great reward in helping people change their lives for the better! I want to challenge everyone to keep up the good work in staying healthy and strong so you can enjoy an active quality of life, filled with passion and good deed!

My fitness tip of the week is paramount for keeping your body healthy and trim! It’s all about controlling our portion sizes, so lets look at a few ways we can get this done.

Americans are overeating nearly 500 calories a day more than they were 30 years ago. Packaging in the grocery store, along with our meals prepared at restaurants have become ‘supersized”. Everything from muffins, cookies, and bagels are much bigger than they were several years ago.

We just have to start by deciding to take back control of the amount of food we eat by getting back to realistic portion sizes that allow us to maintain a healthy weight.

At home if you want to know what to eat you can measure your portions in cups and spoons. Try pouring a bowl of breakfast cereal, then measure the amount in the bowl. Compare that to the serving size listed on the label, then adjust the amount you eat accordingly. This works great with many foods, and this way you will see exactly where you can start to make changes.

Purchasing already portioned low calorie 100 calorie snacks are another great way to help control your portion sizes. If you like to purchase in bulk, you may want to pre-portion your food into serving size bags. Of course this takes more time, but can be cheaper in the long run.

Just like the foods we eat being supersized, the same goes for our plates and dishes. A standard plate is usually 10 inches in diameter, where many these days are 12 inches and hold more food. Other recomended sizes are 8-inch lunch plates, 5.5 -ounce bowls, and 6.5-ounce beverage glasses. Measuring your plates and dishes could be helpful in your quest for control. On your next plate purchase, the smaller ones could suffice as a healthier choice.

Away from the home use your hands as a measuring tool. By sight, it is possible to compare the size of the meal to the size of your hand. A woman’s fist or a baseball is a great measuring tool for determining a one cup serving of your favorite fruits and vegetables. A deck of cards or the palm of your hand excluding your fingers is a nice measurement for a three ounce serving of lean meat, fish, or poultry.

Finally, In my experience I have adopted a principle that has been very helpful to me. You are definitely welcome to try it!  On your next meal eat at a slow to medium pace, never fast, then try to notice when you actually start to feel full. When this happens stop eating. Just save it for later because it will be your next meal in about three hours.

In addition chewing your food slowly and  thoroughly improves digestion.

This system prevents you from overeating, keeps your belly small, keeps your portions in line to lose weight, speeds your metabolism with frequent meals, and saves on the budget because the groceries last longer! Everyone wins!

Please apply this concept the next time you and your family go out to eat as well. Grab a to go box when you start to get full, because this gives you a great snack for later that same day, or tomorrow!

Try it, you’ll love the results!

Until next week, please make it a healthy and nutritious day!  To get started on your weight loss, health, and toning goals call Reggie today @ (405) 613-0237, and ask about getting started with the 24 day challenge nutrition bundle that jumpstarts your metabolism, tones you up, gives you energy, and improves your health! Or message reggies personal training and nutrition on facebook, or email to reggiesnutrition@hotmail.com to schedule your appointment.