Most of the evening's focus will center around the Airport Authority agenda when Shawnee City Commissioners meet Monday.

Most of the evening's focus will center around the Airport Authority agenda when Shawnee City Commissioners meet Monday.

First, a proposed lease agreement between the city and Red Cloud Aviation, LLC, is up for discussion.

Red Cloud hopes to lease office space at the airport.

The company offers flight instruction services and is seeking a place to offer classroom/ground training during both day and evening hours.

“Red Cloud is also in the process of expanding their business profile by seeking certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to provide services as a certified 49 CFR Part 145 Repair Station,” Wilson said. “Services authorized under this program will include repairs and maintenance on airframes, power plants, pitot static systems, transponders and avionics.”

Red Cloud has facilities in Seminole as well as Shawnee.

“Red Cloud has expressed a preference to conduct the proposed training in Shawnee if appropriate space can be leased for this purpose,” Wilson said. “The addition of a 49 CFR Part 145 Repair station is significant; there are only three certified stations offering the scope of services in Oklahoma.”

Two are based in Oklahoma City, one in Tulsa, she said.

“Air Flite, Inc. based at SNL has a limited certificate offering services for rotorcraft airframes and power plants,” she said. “These additional service offerings will increase the utilization of SNL by aircraft owners and operators.”

Also on the agenda, the board may consider writing a Letter of Interest to accept capital funds from the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission (OAC).

Airport Manager Bonnie Wilson said the Shawnee Regional Airport Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) includes a preventative maintenance project intended to extend the life of the runway surface pavement. Estimated cost of the project is $807,018, she said.

“An identified funding source for the project is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant,” Wilson said.

FAA AIP grants require a local contribution of ten percent ($80,701) of the allowable costs.

“The OAC is willing to provide five percent ($40,350) of the required local share to the City of Shawnee on behalf of the Shawnee Regional Airport,” she said. “In order to secure these funds, the City of Shawnee must provide a Letter of Interest stating such to the Commission.”

The project will extend the useful life of the runway and help to ensure the airport remains in compliance with both FAA and OAC safety and operational standards, she said.

The airport does not have sufficient capital funds to undertake the project without the support of the FAA AIP program funds and the funds offered by the OAC, Wilson said.

In another item up for discussion, the board may choose to amend a lease agreement currently between the city and FlyOkAir, LLC.

FlyOkAir leases both an office and hangar from the city at the airport.

Under the terms of the lease agreement, FlyOkAir is responsible for providing and paying for all of the supporting utilities, including water services.

“At this time there is a water spigot on the northeast corner of the leased hangar that has traditionally been used by T-Hangar tenants for the purpose of washing aircraft,” Wilson said. “This public use of the water line has created an unintended financial burden on FlyOkAir.”

She said FlyOkAir is requesting an amendment to the lease agreement releasing them from the obligation to pay for water services at this location.

“The location of the spigot makes it readily available as a customer service to numerous hangar tenants,” she said. “The average monthly meter reading from this source is reported as 1,500 gallons; the average monthly cost for water is reported at $43.44.”

In order to continue to provide water services to multiple tenants without unduly penalizing FlyOkAir, it would be appropriate for Shawnee Regional Airport to assume the cost of providing water at this location, she said.

The cost of supplying water would increase the operations and maintenance budget for utilities by about $500 per year.

Last on the agenda is an agreement being considered between the city and Heartland Aeronautical Experience, Inc. (HAE) to govern a public aviation memorabilia display.

HAE is an Oklahoma non-profit corporation with a mission to inspire individuals to choose aerospace careers, with a special emphasis on reaching out to youth and students, underserved populations, women, disabled persons, and veterans.

HAE is seeking to display historic materials, memorabilia and information in a fixed display at the Shawnee Regional Airport in support of their mission, Wilson said.

She is recommending authorization of a one-year agreement with HAE for a display to be housed in the main lobby of the airport.

City Commission

As part of the consent agenda, the board may confirm and approve the hiring of Chance Allison, CPA, as the City’s finance director and city treasurer — to replace Cindy Arnold.

City Commissioners plan to hold a public hearing and consideration of an ordinance to applicant Darin Sparkman, who is requesting a rezone for property at 3946 North Kickapoo Ave. from R-1; Single Family Residential District to C-3; Highway Commercial District. The rezone was approved last week by planning commissioners.

Two hearings are set for rezoning requests that have been deferred from the Shawnee Planning Commission to its June 6 meeting. City Commissioners may consider ordinances or defer them, also. The properties in question are 4900 N. Harrison and 3954 N. Kickapoo.

In other business, the board is set to consider whether to give a nod to Fiscal Year 2018-2019 insurance rates for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Delta Dental and Vision Service Plan (VSP), as well as approve payment of a rate increase for health insurance for the non-union employee group by the city.

Mayor Richard Finley is scheduled to make the following proclamations:

• “Better Hearing Month” May 2018;

• “Community Action Month” May 2018; and

• “National Law Enforcement Week” May 13-19, 2018

On the Municipal Authority agenda, a preliminary budget for 2018-2019 will be presented.

The 6 p.m. meeting is set to take place Monday in the Bertha Ann Young City Commission Chambers at City Hall, at 16 W. 9th St.