Greetings! Goodness, Mother's Day passed and I was so excited because my two granddaughters in Tennessee were coming to spend Mother's Day with Nana, and I would also get to hug those three great grands!

Greetings! Goodness, Mother’s Day passed and I was so excited because my two granddaughters in Tennessee were coming to spend Mother’s Day with Nana, and I would also get to hug those three great grands!! And, that is exactly what they are, “Grands!” We kicked the week-end off with deciding where we wanted to eat on the different days while they were here. It sure seems odd now, that no one wears hats to church on Mother’s Day! Well, since they don’t, I sent about three large hat boxes full of my hats, with this one grand-daughter, as she loves hats, and attends horse racing in Tennessee! I decided to just keep several, as I didn’t go gad-abouting anymore! Then, to her sister, I sent my large silver coffee service and set of silverware home with her. I don’t entertain anymore, so I thought, why keep it, when they are young and entertaining. Gee, that got rid of some polishing work! I hope that all you, mothers and grandmothers, were treated like a queen on Mother’s Day. When one stops and thinks about all the things a mother does, it reminds us of how we need to appreciate them. They are the ones that go through the valley of pain in child birth, then caring, and nurturing them until grown. They are the ones that stands at the door, with tears streaming down her face, as she watches the vehicles departing her driveway, when a loved one is leaving for college, or military service; then, leaving the nest for good, as they leave to make a home of their own. I remember when my sister got married, and mother made sure she had plenty of good recipes, and tips on doing laundry and being a good homemaker. Mother told her that if they lived in the country to be sure and have some chickens, as they give you food, eggs and meat. She told my sister that eggs were good for food and many purposes, as every element of the egg is necessary to the support of mankind, and is contained within the limits of an egg shell. She said that every element that mankind needed, was contained within the limits of the egg shell. Mother stated that you could dress up eggs in 500 different ways, which were economical, and were very tasteful and healthy for all mankind. Gee, I am surprised that I remember all of those instructions, but it must have been because of me observing how my sister absorbed all of mother’s instructions!  Now, I want to relate how my  mother said for my sister to distinguish raw eggs from the cooked (boiled) ones.  Mother told her, that if she was cooking and had eggs out for making a meal and pastries, etc., to lay the eggs on a table or cabinet, and then give it a vigorous whirl; the cooked egg spins rapidly several times, while the raw egg wallows shortly to a stop. Now, that is what Granny told me, but I have never tried that spinning stuff, and I don’t recommend it for anyone to try it! Well, enough about eggs and cooking, and off we go, to focus on the upcoming week. I believe I will yell out to all those precious senior citizens to come on down to the Senior Citizens Center and find out about the exercise programs, check out the pool room, and be sure to peek in when there is a room full of domino and card players; even one room usually has some type of craft going, such as sewing, and other hobbies that you prefer. If you are lonely and want to bring your “pardner,” there is a usually something that will grab their attention. So, come on down, we will greet you with a smile and show you around! Proverbs 11:30 – “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.”