Desperation exposes who a person really is.

When polling is released that shows Dan Fisher is among the very least popular GOP gubernatorial candidates in Oklahoma, his campaign decided they needed to do something.

Unfortunately for Fisher and his campaign, more people finding out about his beliefs won't solve his popularity problem.

Beyond having the best receding hairline mullet in the race, Fisher is also know for his desire to criminalize abortion, calling history curriculum in Oklahoma textbooks insufficiently patriotic, calling state employees terrorists, and standing against required vaccinations. He wants all babies to be born alive so that they can languish and die from preventable diseases just like the framers of the constitution did.

Being a Republican in Oklahoma and being pro-life are almost synonymous. But Fisher's brand of pro-life is pretty cringe worthy. He has publicly stated that he wants to criminalize abortion and he considers women who get abortions accomplices to murder.

He doesn't want to help them or offer better options that preserve the life of the child and help make sure that unborn child has a happy, productive life. He wants to arrest the mother.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Fisher's theology on this point is really weak. When I read about the way Jesus related to a woman caught in adultery and the woman at the well who had real moral issues, he didn't castigate them or threaten to turn them over to authorities. In fact, with the woman caught in adultery, Jesus offered His famous command, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”

No one is perfect. It is a fun past time for church folk to sit back and criticize people who sin differently than they do. Jesus had no time for that. He would have ministered to the girl seeking an abortion and would have had some pretty sharp words for the Pharisees who tried to make a frightened girl who made a last resort choice into a criminal. Jesus saved His condemnation for the Pharisees.

Last Sunday morning, those who attended worship services at several Shawnee area churches came outside to find campaign literature on their vehicles. Fisher's campaign certainly isn't the first to use this annoying tactic.

It's pretty reprehensible to come onto private property and put campaign materials on someone's car who was simply hoping to enjoy a worship service that morning. According to his website, Fisher is a full-time minister, yet he is paying or employing volunteers to skip church in order to politicize parishioner parking lots across the state. That message seems a bit mixed.

Some stories from the campaign trail don't portray Fisher's campaign in a very church-friendly manner.

I know the security team for at least one Shawnee church asked the Fisher supporters to leave their parking lot.

According to the pastor of Snow Hill Baptist Church in Tuttle, whose parking lot was targeted by Fisher and his supporters, the pamphlets were unwelcome there as well. He went on to share a story on the church's Facebook page about another church who had difficult dealings with the Fisher campaign.

"Another pastor, a friend, noted that we should expect this unsolicited tactic. I had hoped his experience was local to his area. It was not. When the pastor objected to the blanketing of cars at their church location the response of Mr. Fisher’s representatives was instructive," Pastor Todd Littleton said. "Rather than respond with Christian charity, they took to the Internet and misrepresented the pastor and another member of the congregation who spoke with those placing the information on the cars. They took to the Internet and left a disparaging review of the church. When confronted with the facts, there was no retraction."

I get it. Fisher is desperate and he sees himself coming in at the bottom of the pack.

But the way people react to desperate situations shows you their character. Fisher is a pastor who sent people to skip church to politicize parking lots during worship services around the metro area.

In my opinion, that should never be done - especially without permission.

But I'm kind of glad Fisher did it. I'm sure it will help voters make up their minds.

It might not help them decide whom they will choose, but it helped show them who doesn't deserve their vote.