The Pottawatomie County Courthouse will be getting a new water treatment system.

The new water filtration system supplied by the Garratt-Callahan Company will cost $5,740 for the first year, which includes installation. Going forward, the water treatment program will cost $3,009 for each additional year.

With the new filtration system, the Pottawatomie County Courthouse will have a system in place that will increase the longevity of their cooling system and help prevent the spread of Legionella bacteria.

In other commission news:

Bethel Schools was approved to purchase maintenance supplies from SupplyWorks for a total cost of $4,605.66. Supplies include six new vacuum cleaners, one carpet extractor and various scrubbing and mopping utensils.

Bethel will use funds available to the district from the county's education sales tax.

The commissioners signed a $848,833 contract with Vance Brothers for a chip and seal project in Districts 1 and 2.

The roads in District 1 include:

Moccasin Trail east of Hazel Dell to Highway 177 – 3.5 miles

Range Road south of County Line/EW 1070 to Moccasin Trail – 2 miles

Bethel Road south of Moccasin Trail to Garrett's Lake 2 miles

North Highway Drive south of County Line/EW 1070 – 1 mile

County Line/EW 1070 East of North Highway Drive – 1 mile

Bryan Road south of Wolverine Road – 1 mile

Brangus Road south of Wolverine – 1 mile

Westech east of Acme to Kickapoo – 2 miles

Bethel Road south of Old Highway 270 to 45th Street – ¾ mile

Westech east of Gemini Street to Brangus Road – ½ mile

Brangus Road south of Westech to existing asphalt – ½ mile

Austin's County Estates – 2 miles

Bethel Road south of Highway 270 to Old Highway 270 – ½ mile

The roads in District 2 include:

Etowah 102 to County Line west of 102 – 5 miles

Okay Road from Etowah Road to Highway 9 – 8 miles

Walker Road from Highway 9 to ½ mile north of Clear Pond Road – 4 ½ miles

Hardesty Road – 6 miles

Dutton and Fish Market Road from Slaughterville Road to Etowah Road – 4 miles

The commissioners set the price of various county owned properties with 1129 Dewey set at $250, 1406 Dewey set at $250, 536 Aydelotte set at $500, 609 Ione set at $250 and 525 Ione was set at $625.

All of the parcels of land were in District 2.

The county floodplain department was awarded an HP DesignJet plotter. Total cost of the printer, installation and training is $6,485.27 and will be supplied by DigiGroup.

Tommy Arnold said the next 911 board meeting will be held June 13 at the County Commissioner's office located at 14101 Acme Road.

The commissioners will appoint a new Free Fair board member at next week's meeting.

During the public comments portion of the meeting, Carolyn Parks, a representative from the Family Justice Center reported that the building they currently occupy is in need of significant repairs.

Her report stated the roof was leaking, the air conditioning unit is not working among other repairs needed.

District 1 Commissioner Melissa Dennis said she would work to get three estimates for the roof repairs this week.