Lincoln County Emergency Management is launching Swift911, an emergency mass notification system that enables officials to notify the public of emergency situations at a rapid rate and allows the user to decide how to receive those alerts.

To sign up: Text the word Swift911 to the number 99538 and you will receive the link to sign up.

A couple quick notes... Any publicly listed land line phone number in Lincoln County was automatically loaded in the system.

“When signing up, it is not required that you provide a physical address, but by doing so, you will receive alerts that are specifically targeted to a geographical area,” officials said. “So an alert that may only affect the town of Chandler for example, you will not receive if you are a resident but didn't put an address in.”

Everyone who signs up is added to the Lincoln County Master list. Any critical, life safety message such as an evacuation warning, tornado warning, manhunt, missing child etc.. will be sent to all users. The weather messages are automatically issued by the National Weather Service.