Hope isn’t just alive, it is thriving.

Seven years ago, the preacher’s kid whose grandfather was also a pastor - including eight years at Immanuel Baptist Church in Shawnee was deep into a prescription pill addiction that cost him his wife and custody of his children.

If you had told Lance Lang hope was alive in 2010, he would have made a pretty solid argument to the contrary.

More than seven years of sobriety later, he is married again, leading a ministry that helps people who find themselves at the same crossroads that changed his life and even authored four books - Hope is Alive, Hope Changes Everything, Finding Hope, an the most recent book called Hope Dealers.

Now he delivers that message to others who need to hear it.

On Sunday, several people who have refound hope in hopeless situations shared their stories of redemption and restoration with the church where Lang’s grandfather served as pastor.

Three years ago when I first met him, Lang’s program called Hope is Alive was working with 21 men in three different houses where the participants learn to live a sober lifestyle.

So many sobriety programs help addicts break the physical addiction but when the program ends, the addict is put back into the same situation they were in that led them down the destructive path in the first place. That, in turn, led to many people failing to maintain their sobriety.

Now, the program operates 10 homes that serve men and women with seven in Oklahoma City and three in Tulsa. There is a lot of excitement right now as Lang and his wife, Allyson, plan to take their ministry closer to her hometown in Wichita, Kan.

when they open the eleventh Hope is Alive House there.

“No matter how dark it seems, or how alone you feel, there is hope and freedom available,” he said. “God can give you the new life you want so much.”

More information about Lang and his ministry can be found at www.lancelang.

com and hopeisalive.net. You can also follow him on twitter at @lancelang.