Fire Chief Dru Tischer said crews continue to work on Shawnee's Fire Station No. 2, at 1401 N. Bryan St., expecting substantial work to be wrapping up by late spring/early summer.

Repeated mold issues — caused by ongoing water leaks and drainage problems — had the city facing a decision whether to repair the site or remodel altogether.

Choosing to tear the building down to the pre‐engineered “red‐iron” structure and concrete slab, expansion was designed to improve the apparatus bay and update the fire station from that point.

Though not all news has been positive, corrections are being made.

“The building was missing quite a bit of steel,” he said. “It has now been added. It was not up to code at all; it was not right at all.”

He said that's a huge improvement to the site already.

“We are working very closely with them and the architects to ensure the project is completed in a timely manner while emphasizing that everything is done correctly and according to the plan,” Tischer said.

Overall, Tischer said he feels very good about the plan.

“The end product will produce our stated goal of providing a fire station that will serve our community and fire department for a minimum of 40 years,” he said.