The youngest person in the room was about 75 years old at the annual Trousdale Alumni Homecoming.

With about 20 people there, those who attended the 12-year school that closed in 1957 reminisced about teachers, classmates and pranks June 2 at the Church of The Cross.

“A lot of people don’t see each other very often, even though we do live fairly close in proximity in the state,” said Wanda Henry, a member of the 1957 freshman class. “We don’t get together, even the ones who live close. It’s nice to get to see new (people) attend.”

The group met in what was the old gymnasium which has since been divided into a kitchen, sanctuary and room for Sunday school classes. They had a pot-luck meal and were able to look at class pictures, a book of the history of Pottawatomie County and other documents.

A prize was also given to the oldest attendee. Darrell Catlege, 92, received a hanging basket of periwinkles.

“We need to get some more youngsters involved because they could come even if they were in the first grade,” Henry said. “We’d be glad to have them.”

Jim Adams of Wanette and Nancy Kinman of Keller, Texas, remembered when a few high school girls made brownies for the high school boys’ basketball team with a “certain ingredient added,” and a few of the culprits were named.

Adams also brought up when his mother brought a cake that was a large cake made of cornbread covered in frosting.

The group also reflected on the differences between school days then and school now.

“It’s just great to talk about the old days,” Henry said. “It was a much simpler life, and we didn’t have as much to worry about.”

Officers for the alumni committee were also re-elected for another year.