I have a pen, a notepad, a camera and a can-do attitude.

My name is Siandhara Bonnet and I’m the intern for the News-Star this summer.

I’ve lived in Oklahoma for the past three years as a student at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. This fall, I will be a journalism senior with my sights set on taking OU’s student paper’s arts & entertainment desk to the next level.

And I hope to hone my skills by learning from the pros at the News-Star and from all of you in the Shawnee community.

My goals are simple this summer: tell stories worth reading and gain an understanding of this beautiful city. I grew up in suburbs, so I never had much experience with small towns, but the first day I set foot in the city, it felt like home. I have already experienced the classic vibes of Hamburger King and met a few of the librarians at the public library.

Although I’ve only been here for about three days, I feel comfortable in this town. It feels supportive and warm, and very Oklahoma — it’s refreshing to this Texas gal.

My focus is photography, and I’ve been told I have a pretty decent eye, but I want you, Shawnee, to show me your town. Show me what you see and what makes this place home. Help me tell your story — I bet it’s a good one.

I’ll be around through the end of July, so give me a call at the News-Star at (405) 214-3930 or send me an email at sbonnet@news-star.com.