In an effort to bring public awareness, the city is hosting several open house events so residents can tour the police department headquarters, Fire Station No. 1 and Fire Station No. 3.

Proposition No. 4, a half-penny sales tax increase proposition, is going before voters June 26 in an effort to provide major funding for improvements to these key facilities, and others.

Some took tours on Thursday, and today, another tour will be from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at City Hall.

In April, Shawnee City Commissioners approved an ordinance to impose a 0.5-percent excise tax (sales tax), in addition to all present city, county and state excise taxes, with the proceeds of said tax to be used to fund several capital projects. It will be levied on gross proceeds from all taxable sales.

If passed by voters, the increased funds would accomplish many projects that have been on the city’s to-do list for awhile, including things like a police department headquarters and patrol vehicles; improvements to Fire Stations No. 1 and 3; a fire engine and training structure; emergency warning system enhancements; as well as improvements to roads; and parks and public facilities.

The plan proposes to split funds three ways: 0.125 percent would be expended for police, fire and emergency management projects (a projected $7,500,000); 0.125 percent would be expended for street and road projects (a projected $7,500,000); and 0.25 percent would be expended for public parks and public facilities projects (a projected $15,000,000). Altogether, the total comes to $30,000,000 over the 10-year period.

Broken down into specific projects, they are:

Public safety (0.125 percent)

‒ SPD headquarters — $3,200,000

‒ Fire Stations No. 1 and 3 improvements — $1,750,000

‒ Police patrol vehicles (25) — $1,250,000

‒ Fire engine — $750,000

‒ Fire training structure — $300,000

‒ Emergency warning system enhancements — $250,000

Streets and roads (0.125 percent)

‒ Major improvements to 45th Street, from west of Kickapoo to east of Harrison — $3,500,000

‒ Pavement overlays and panel replacements (implement master plan) — $4,000,000

Parks and public facilities ( 0.25 percent)

‒ Implement Phase 1 of the Parks Master Plan design — $7,000,000

‒ EXPO enhancement/remodel — $3,500,000

‒ Construct sidewalks and trails — $1,750,000

‒ Library roof and remodel — $1,000,000

‒ Senior Center roof and remodel — $1,000,000

‒ Community Center roof and remodel — $350,000

‒ Santa Fe Depot roof and remodel — $400,000


The tax, if approved by taxpayers, would be levied beginning Oct. 1 this year and would cease to be levied after Sept. 30, 2028.

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