Community Renewal of Pottawatomie County has consistently shown that its mission is an easy sell — still gaining momentum since it hit the ground running just two years ago, the group passionately promotes the restoration of relationships from within neighborhoods, bringing member after member into its fold.

The program held a banquet Thursday, celebrating its second birthday and, more importantly, keeping its eyes on its latest goal — Friendship Houses. The nonprofit's first Friendship House in Kickapoo Park is almost finished. And its second, at Main and Bryan, will soon follow suit.

At the fundraising dinner, Community Renewal Director Brandon Dyer announced the new coordinator for the second house — Michael Phillips. He and his wife, Jessica, and their three sons are set to move into the unique neighborhood resource once it's built.

Travis Flood, Friendship House director, and his family, are on the verge of moving into the first house at 7th and Pottenger.

Moving a trained staff member into a neighborhood is a good example of how a Friendship House — and future ones — intend to serve the community. Flood and his family will become a resource for their neighbors.

It will feature a community room where neighborhood meetings and after school programs can be held.

The kicker, of course, is that it immerses Flood and his family into that neighborhood. They will then have a stake in what goes on there –– a personal investment.

“He’s in the fight right there with them,” Dyer said.

It makes it real.

Community Renewal Pottawatomie County’s office is at 1000 N. Kickapoo.

To learn more, join in or make a donation, visit Community Renewal Shawnee, OK on Facebook, visit or call (405) 273-1035.