Oklahoma City-based Dolese Bros. Co. recently donated a truck to the Southwest Lincoln County Fire Department in Wellston, Oklahoma. The truck will aid with general fire response and intervention efforts in the rural community.

“Dolese is proud to provide our assistance to the rural communities of Southwest Lincoln county and help their fire department improve their ability to provide safe, quick fire response,” Dolese Communications and Community Relations Director Kermit Frank said. “We do our best to deliver when we have a truck available for this kind of request. I give the credit to our operations team who identify, rehabilitate and ensure we are providing a quality vehicle that will continue to deliver for these communities.” 

Dolese presented the keys to the 2009 Sterling truck chassis to Southwest Lincoln County Fire Department Public Information Officer Brett Conner. The truck will be painted and fit with a tank and emergency vehicle equipment by the department before being put to use in the community.

“The Southwest Lincoln County Fire Department is extremely thankful for Dolese’s donation of a 2009 Sterling truck chassis to replace the department’s 1980 model tanker,” Conner said. “The new truck provided by Dolese will allow our department to respond to emergencies while equipping us to save lives and property in our community. It will be a great asset to the Southwest Lincoln County Fire Protection District which covers several communities and unincorporated rural areas including portions of Wellston, Harrah, Meeker, McLoud and Luther.”

Rural fire departments have a limited budget for firefighting equipment and vehicles. Access to adequate fire equipment is critical for successful outcomes in emergency response. Dolese has historically donated used trucks to fire departments in need across the state.

Dolese is headquartered in Oklahoma City with numerous locations around the state. The closest plant to Wellston is Edmond Concrete located in Edmond at 104 West Main Street.