For great fitness results it’s all about your nutritional choices! I encourage you to take a serious, proactive, healthy, and aggressive approach when selecting the foods you allow yourself and family to consume.

For great fitness results it’s all about your nutritional choices! I encourage you to take a serious, proactive, healthy, and aggressive approach when selecting the foods you allow yourself and family to consume. The content and quantity of our food choices and nutritional intake is very important in the quest for lean body mass and optimal health. I challenge you to believe that each of us have the power to control the success of our weight management programs, and should get excited about staying knowledgeable and making daily improvements in nutritional choices that improve the health of ourselves, family, and friends.

Let’s face it…with our busy extracurricular activities, work and family schedules to maintain, it can be very difficult to make good food choices. Life seems to just get in the way of us choosing the right foods or making healthy choices. But rest assured that planning ahead will help increase your chances of making successful choices that promote good health. Preparing a meal plan the day before will assist you in making foods accessible for even the busiest of schedules. Also, please remember that just because your schedule changes does not mean you have to skip meals and deprive your body of valuable nutrients that promote attaining lean body mass, energy, and optimal health. It is also a good idea to formulate a worst case scenario plan that you can fall back on just in case unforeseeable circumstances arrive. Healthy meal replacement bars, fruit, or meal replacement shakes kept in a car cooler will suffice when faced with one of those situations. The bottom line is that you must keep the nutrients coming to your body consistently, and you must keep the metabolism burning at a high rate all the time to attain maximum health and fitness benefit.

When making food choices, your number one priority should be keeping your health and fitness goals in mind. You may be surprised to hear me say that taste can be used as a very close second priority when making these choices. As you continue to become more knowledgeable and aggressive in selecting your food choices you will be amazed at how long your list of great tasting, healthy food choices will become. Your efforts to search and find will soon be well rewarded with a list that includes most importantly good health, secondly great taste, and a large variety of choices you can call your own “special menu”. This is a great start in creating a recipe for staying healthy, fit, and lean!

As you make choices I encourage you to read your food labels. Review the total quantity of calories and amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats per serving to understand how the choice you make, will affect your health and fitness goals. This will keep you from consuming an abundance of nutrients that are unhealthy, while at the same time ensuring that you have proper content and amounts that promote optimal health. For example if you go through your day blindly consuming calories, even with the best of intentions, it is not uncommon for someone to consume 50%, or much more of their total calories in  bad fats! Of course that would be very unhealthy since most meal plans only call for 30% or less fat. So now you see, the effort to clearly know the content of the foods you consume is well worth your time. My challenge is for you to know. It is important for you to know how the foods you consume will affect your health and weight management goals. At first it may take a little time to master, but it will soon become second nature.

The good thing is that we are human, which means we are creatures of habit. So, if we use discipline consistently for a long enough period of time, making healthy choices will also become a good habit you will definitely enjoy. With your better health in mind, I challenge you to become very good at developing very good health habits! You can do this, because the choice is totally yours!

Until next time please go out and make it a healthy and nutritious day!  To get started on healthy weight loss, wellness, muscle building, sports performance and active energy nutrition products, call Reggies Personal Training and Nutrition, 104, E. Main, Shawnee, (405) 613-0237!