It seems as a society we want to tear down those who are successful at their chosen profession.

In the sports world, nothing is more evident than the hatred for the kid from Akron, Ohio.

LeBron James married his high school sweetheart, was handed millions of dollars as a teenager and was a household name before he could vote.

For every LeBron there is a Gilbert Arenas pulling four guns on a teammate, telling him to choose one. He never found himself in a Colorado hotel room with a female companion that wasn't his wife. Despite being heckled at almost every venue in the NBA, he's never rushed into the stands and punched a fan.

Above all, he is a great father to his children and just so happens to be the best basketball currently lacing up sneakers.

LeBron is taking care of kids in his community as well. For all the posters hanging in kid's rooms and charitable work he's done over the years, some basketball fans love to hate the man.

He left his hometown team to go play with his friends in Miami. I applaud the man for living life on his terms. Who wouldn't like to work with your friends in Miami? Put me and two of my closest friends in South Beach, we aren't half as successful.

Cavaliers fans burned his jersey, but welcomed him back when the king returned.

With LeBron's most recent playoff run he's taking flak for the team being swept by arguably the greatest team, ever. Look at the numbers, it wasn't LeBron who quit. The rest of the team simply didn't show up, or know the score in the final seconds of game one.

Before that, the knock was he quit on his team during the 2009 playoffs against the Boston Celtics. LeBron was dragging the likes of Boobie Gibson and a broken down Shaq through the regular season.

In the grand scheme of things, comparing eras is almost impossible.

I will always be a Jordan guy. If we were to have an all-time draft, I'm taking MJ first every day of the week. Maybe it's the nostalgia of sitting in my mom's living room in Indiana watching Jordan knock down the 17 footer over Byron Russell. There is something magical about the way Jordan played.

If I had the second pick, LeBron would be the guy I want leading my team.

For Jordan, the rules were different and he still ate. Early in his career he ran up against some very good Pistons and Celtics teams before their respective runs came to an end.

For LeBron, the rules now favor the stars. But there appears to be plenty of tread left on the tires and statistically, he is going to pass Jordan in every category by a landslide.

Jordan was a killer who wanted to beat you straight up. LeBron dominates all facets of the game so the case can be made for either as the top dog.

If the argument is rings, LeBron has three in the era of super teams and still has a very good shot of earning three more before he hangs it up.

Looking at the entire body of work, including off the court stuff, LeBron James doesn't get near the credit he deserves for elevating the game of basketball in the modern era.