The Pottawatomie County Commissioners on Monday approved eight items allowing public schools to renew leases for the upcoming school year.

The commissioners approved each item unanimously.

Shawnee Public Schools was approved for renewing their lease for a $15,686.26 yearly lease payment on property located on Kickapoo, as well as a $174,101.76 yearly lease to Dell Financial Solutions. They were also approved for a yearly payment of $20,989.80 on land purchased for the new Shawnee Middle School, and a $75,685.97 to Vision Bank for purchase of old Brackeen property, which is where the band practices.

The commissioners approved Bethel Public Schools for renewing their lease on an $84,274.04 yearly payment on school buses. They were also approved to pay ONG and Constellation bills using sales tax money. Bethel Public School will also be allowed to purchase a diagnostic scan tool from Diesel Laptops for $7,494.95

Macomb Public Schools was approved to renew a $707 per month lease on a Chevy Suburban and a $518.98 for the Mahindra Tractor, both off of state contracts.

Earlsboro Public Schools was approved for renewing a school bus lease for $1,905.39.

Asher Public School was approved to pay for a lease payment for a school bus, which was approved in a previous bond issue.

The commissioners also approved a contract between Western Plains Youth & Family Services, Inc. and Pottawatomie County for services at Beckham County Regional Juvenile Detention Center.

The next meeting will be July 9.