Don't worry Trae Young fans, he will be fine.

On Monday, Atlanta's top pick was building his new home with all the bricks he was throwing up. It's better to get the kinks ironed out now than the first month of the season.

Shooting nine percent from long range will not help the Hawks win many games. As the game went on he found somewhat of a rhythm and had a few nice finishes at the rim.

Looking back at previous summer league performances, Jerryd Bayless had some very good summer league games; he's buried on the 76ers depth chart now.

Last year, Jaylen Brown struggled. He turned out to be a solid contributor for a very good Celtics squad.

Given his star power, whoever is assigned to Young this summer will be stepping up their game trying to make a roster.

Game two wasn't much better. Young's shooting percentage improved slightly. Not where it should be, but an increase nonetheless.

There were a few bright spots in his second summer performance. The second half was much better than the first. Young had a nice steal and finished at the rim with his left hand.

Young is playing with a group of guys that would have trouble winning a YMCA league. When all the attention is on one player, especially a teenager getting his first taste of the big stage, the adjustment period can be a bit longer.

Two decent halves of basketball are not enough to determine if he was ready for the league. You can't call him a bust either. Give it time and he'll get Atlanta back to the playoffs.