Volume One of the comprehensive history of the city of Shawnee, “Redbud City” is at the press and will be ready for publication in a short time. Some time in July. It covers the creation of Indian Territory in the 1830s and continues up through 1929.

Volume One of the comprehensive history of the city of Shawnee, “Redbud City” is at the press and will be ready for publication in a short time. Some time in July. It covers the creation of Indian Territory in the 1830s and continues up through 1929.

The book contains 426 pages with hundreds of photos and is available in traditional book form or digitally on a USB (flash) drive. The book is not quite ready but should be available to the public before the end of July. There is an early-bird pre-paid discount if you pay for it ahead of time. Once the book is available for distribution, the cost will be $55 plus tax and the digital is $35 plus tax. If you pre-pay, there is a $5 discount on each of them. The book and flash drive are available at the Pottawatomie County Historical Society. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Society.

You can now pre-order the book from the Pott. County Museum website, or by dropping by the museum. There are several different delivery options. You can pre-order a book and pick it up at the depot for $50 plus tax. You can have it shipped when it is available for $55 plus tax. You can pick up a digital copy on a flash drive at the depot for $30 plus tax immediately. You can have the flash drive shipped for $35 plus tax. Lastly, you can download a digital copy for $30 plus tax by entering your email address at the checkout. A download link will be sent to your email address. All options are available at this location.

You may also pre-order by calling Clyde Wooldridge at (918)470-3728, or by emailing a request to him at cewool@live.com, asking for instructions. He will get back to you quickly with the information. You may also mail a check for either the book or flash drive to Clyde Wooldridge at 2001 Lantana Circle, Shawnee, OK, 74804. The cost is $50 plus tax, or $54.50 for the book and $35 for the USB drive. If your mail is postmarked before the book is available to the public, the discount is still available.

Volume Two should be available in September. It covers the 1930s and the 1940s. It is approximately the same length and will be available in the same forms and at the same price. By pre-ordering both volumes you may receive the discount again. By ordering both volumes, the price is $100 plus tax. If you wish them mailed to you, please add $5 for each book.

Both volumes are fully indexed, with about 2,000 names in each book. It is also indexed with organizations and businesses, making it easy to reference for information. There is also a glossary with many of the public office holders through the years and many other things, such as World War I and World War II deaths, fallen law enforcement officers, etc.

In each volume will be a Memorial/Tribute section. This allows you to purchase a page to possibly memorialize your family or a love one. City organizations like civic clubs, churches, or businesses may also want to pay a tribute to their entity. The cost is $100 per page. In the first volume, there are only two such pages. There will be no more in the first volume because it is already at the publisher. However, if there is an interest in placing one in Volume Two, contact Clyde Wooldridge for the details at the above information. This needs to be done by August 15 so it can be placed in the second volume. All Memorial/Tribute pages will appear in each of following volumes.

The process will take place in three steps: first, contact Wooldridge and he will get with you about the information you choose to place on the page(s). Secondly, he will pick it up and create the page. Then he will return it to you for approval or corrections.

The plan for Volume Three is for it to be available in late 2019. It covers the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. The format will be much like the first two volumes. Future volumes will follow as soon as they are available. The story will continue until the writings take us up to the present time. Presently, it appears to be at least five or six volumes and approximately 1,600 pages and thousands of photos. Volume Four will be from 1980-2000; followed by Volume Five will cover the 2001 to 2020 period.

Any organization that would like Wooldridge to present a program on the book(s), please contact him at the above information. He will also be doing book signings at a few places that will be announced later.

Clyde Wooldridge is the author of four other local history books. In 1976, he published “Wilburton: I.T. & OK,” and a second edition in 1990, 335 pages. In 2000, he published “McAlester: The Capitol of Little Dixie,” 860 pages. In 2008, his next history was called “The College in the Mountains,” a centennial history of Eastern Oklahoma State College, formerly the Oklahoma School of Mines and Metallurgy, 350 pages. The first two books are out of print and available only in digital form. The Eastern book can be purchased by contacting the Alumni Office at the college.


Chapter One ------ (1830-1869) “The Creation of Indian Territory”

Chapter Two ------ (1870-1889) “Here Come the White Guys”

Chapter Three ------ (1890-1899) “A City of First Class”

Chapter Four ------ (1900-1909) “The Proud Princess”

Chapter Five ------ (1910-1919) “Convention City”

Chapter Six ------ (1920-1929) “Little Chicago”

Memorial/Tribute Section