Community and history come together at The Fifth Element.

About eight years ago, Jackie Sikes opened The Fifth Element, a home to family photos, classic vinyl and old-style furniture.

But to shopkeeper Jules Kisor, the objects at the store are more than just a way to make the shop money.

“You get a better sense of idea of how people lived their lives,” Kisor said. “Their sense of taste, how style has changed, peoples’ priorities — just from what they like.”

Kisor said Fifth Element has allowed her to get to know other members and businesses in the community. She said that human connection is something that has been watered down since cellphones and social media have taken over peoples’ lives.

“It’s very personal,” Kisor said. “(It’s) things you can’t find everywhere. You can’t go to a store and sit down and just talk to someone, or talk to someone who knows about some of the things you’re looking for and also learn about the history of the town as well.”

Kisor said she has lived in Shawnee her entire life and has seen a lot of change.

“I’ve seen so many businesses come and go over the past few years,” Kisor said. “Small businesses, we’re really trying to ban together to get more people to come downtown, shop local and get to know your town and be part of the community as opposed to some of the more impersonal businesses and ways of life.”

Store wise, Kisor said the shop is the perfect place to find unique items, including art by local artists or fun finds from the 1930s like a piggy bank sitting in the front display case.

“It’s good to remember the past and have little pieces of that,” Kisor said.

According to its website, The Fifth Element is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located at 16 E Main St.