Sooner or later female athletes will take their talents elsewhere.

The WNBA average salary is around $50,000 per year. When an NBA player makes at the very least $385,000, one way or another something has to change.

Recently, Las Vegas Aces rookie A'ja Wilson commented on her Twitter account referencing LeBron James' $154 million contract and the fact that no WNBA player brings home a million. Don't stay in your lane Ms. Wilson, keep rattling cages.

Candace Parker was one of the top earners in 2017, bringing home a touch over $110,000 for one season. Compare that to DeMar DeRozan's $27.7 million, you can see why some of these ladies are upset.

And they should be.

While no one is lining up for the Skylar Diggins-Smith sneaker, the WNBA has sold advertising space on their jerseys. Major corporations are throwing money at these teams, so there is revenue being generated.

Verizon Wireless, Mayo Clinic, Boost Mobile, Finish Line, Farmers Insurance are just a few big time sponsors with their names on the jerseys of WNBA players. I'm sure if they used their influence, they could convince major networks to air premier games to help increase revenue and exposure.

Most of these women are having to play overseas in the off-season to make a legit living. Lindsay Whalen doubles as the Minnesota Gophers women's basketball coach in her down time.

Many will say, they should be happy with the money they're making. When you compare it to other professional sports, they have every right to bring up the idea of a pay increase.

When the league first started in 1996, people said it would fail. Here they are in 2018. Some teams folded, others relocated, but they are still going strong.

The talent pool keeps getting better each year. It is a different style of basketball, and in most cases, more fundamentally sound than their male counterparts.

There aren't flashy dunks.

Other than that aspect, these women can pass, dibble and shoot just as well, if not better than some of the men.

Markelle Fultz has a broken jump shot but he's brining in almost $10 million next season.

I'm confident I can hit as many free throws as Andre Roberson and he's a multi-millionaire several times over.

The Pelican's Solomon Hill should be charged with grand larceny. He's set to make $26 million over the next two seasons.

Over her career, Diana Taurasi has proven time and time again she's one of the best scorers in the game of basketball yet she makes a touch over the veteran minimum

If a fast food worker, with remedial skills can demand $15 per hour, these women deserve to have their voices heard.

I'm not suggesting the Lynx go out and renew Maya Moore's contract for $100 million, but there are many players that deserve to be paid more, a lot more.