The NBA off-season has been interesting to say the least.

Kawhi Leonard is proving to be the basketball version of Terrell Owens. Both are top-level talents that bring a headache along with their elite athletic ability. Leonard didn't want to play in San Antonio for one of the best coaches of all-time, and now he's not wanting to play in Toronto.

It's time for Leonard to suck it up and honor the contract he signed.

How did Marcus Smart get a $52 million contract? When he came out of college I figured he would be a lesser version of Russell Westbrook. Smart's three-point percentage is a touch better than Westbrook and that's where the comparison ends.

Yes, Smart is a pesky defender and is a guy that's going to help you win games with his hustle, but $13 million per year is a stretch for a guy coming off the bench.

LeBron James left Cleveland for the Lakers and suddenly the Lakeshow are ready to contend for a title? Let's pump the brakes on that for a minute. We can't forget Golden State's traveling three-point circus out west. They only get better with the addition of DeMarcus Cousins at the five.

The Lakers best shooter is Kentavious Caldwell Pope, so there's that.

Jabari Parker doesn't think he needs to play defense. With that mindset, the Bulls will be picking in the lottery for the foreseeable future. I'm sure Jerry Reinsdorf is kicking himself for giving Parker $40 million over the next two years.

Just imagine how much money he could make if he was a two-way player.

The Thunder seem to be all in on players playing out of position. With the recent trade of Carmelo Anthony for Dennis Schroder, it seems as though Sam Presti wants to give Billy Donovan a stroke. Where will Schroder fit in on this team? He's used to being the alpha on a bad Hawks team. The ball was always in his hands, now he's going to be forced to share the ball with Westbrook and George.

I don't see this trade working out for the Thunder.

It wouldn't be an NBA off-season without a player backing out of a deal with the Dallas Mavericks. A few years ago DeAndre Jordan did it. This year, former Indiana Hoosier Yogi Ferrell followed in his footsteps. Ferrell agreed to a deal with Dallas on Thursday, and before he could put ink to paper, he agreed to a better deal with Sacramento.

With all that said, JR Smith still doesn't know what the score was.