“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”! I encourage you to use that quote for inspiration in acquiring your weight loss and fitness goals!

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”!  I encourage you to use that quote for inspiration in acquiring your weight loss and fitness goals! This works well with all aspects of your health improvement programs: nutrition, cardio respiratory endurance, resistance training, muscle endurance, strength, and flexibility! Each area is difficult in it’s own right, so being prepared mentally may be the determining factor in whether you do, or do not follow through on your goals. Exercising a little mental focus, planning, and preparation will take your program a very long way, because it prompts you to make well informed positive choices, that lead you the right direction.

Positive mental thoughts are necessary during our long days, hectic schedules, and unlimited stresses of life. Exercise tends to get lost in the shuffle, due to the “feeling” of fatigue, and this is absolutely normal. It has been my experience that many times this “feeling “ and reason we don’t get our recommended amount of exercise, is not always physical. Instead many times it is because we give ourselves a reason mentally not to exercise, by accepting the “thought” we don’t need to improve our health today! This happens often, so please don’t let this stop your progress. Of course be smart, do not exercise or use this principle if you are injured or have health risks. But if you feel healthy and nourished, have no ailments, but just don’t feel like exercising, I challenge you to overcome! You can reach a little further for your goals!

There are always many reasons that  prevent us mentally from doing what is best for us. I heard someone once say there are no good reasons for not being on a program that keeps you healthy as you age, and I must say that I have to agree! Another good slogan says....”if you fail to plan mentally, you might as well plan to fail. 

In addition, a  neat example of mental toughness is the four –minute mile psychological barrier. Years ago, runners were consistently achieving times of 4:03. 4:01, but for the longest time, no one could run under 4:00 minutes.

This had everyone under the perception or psychological barrier that this physically could not be done. Well, that was until a gentleman by the name of Roger Bannister believed it could be done, and he did it! And guess what, within 18 months, 16 other athletes surpassed the elusive 4:00 minute mile too! Please remember that staying mentally strong, believing in yourelf, and sticking to your program is very important, and will help  lead you to your goals!

It all goes back to mentally setting your goals! If you have not done so for your health and fitness goals, now is the time to do it! Decide what you really want regarding your health, and take steps now to achieve them. You can do this! Just set short term, intermediate, and long term goals for your programs. The short term goals are important because they provide a focus and roadmap for your day to day activities. The intermediate goals are where you want to be at a specific time in the very near future, and are the catalysts that will ultimately get you to your dream goals! In my opinion everyone deserves their dream goals when it comes to their health, independence, and active quality of life!

Until next week keep up the great work, and please go out and make it a healthy and nutrtiious day!  To get started on healthy weight loss, wellness, lean muscle building, and nutrition products, call Reggies Personal Training and Nutrition, 104 E. Main, Shawnee, (405) 613-0237, or message me on facebook at reggies personal training and nutrition, email reggiesnutrition@hotmail.com.