Barry Bonds was the reason people watched baseball in the 2000s.

If you weren't watching SportsCenter to see how many baseballs Bonds launched into McCovey Cove, can you even call yourself a baseball fan?

The best hitter, arguably ever, deserves to be recognized for his abilities at the plate. In Bonds' era, the pitchers were juiced to the gills, so there was no advantage either way.

In the 'steroid era' everyone was on something, including managers.

Former home run king Hank Aaron played during the 'greenies' era. For those who don't know, that's basically meth. Some still want to call Hammerin' Hank the true home run king, but during his era, players were injecting themselves with everything under the sun trying to get an edge.

If one player gets a pass, everyone should.

Let's take away Bonds' uncanny ability to hit home runs. He drew 2,558 walks. That's 368 times more than second place. Bonds' patience at the plate is the best ever. The only time he struck out more than 100 times was his rookie season.

No matter what Bonds was on, it didn't help him put the ball over the fence. If it did, known performance enhancing drug user Dee Gordon would have more than 12 career bombs.

Aside from belting 752 home runs, Bonds was a great fielder. His personal trophy case has eight Gold Gloves to prove it. While the amount of Gold Gloves doesn't rank among the elite, he was a reliable fielder and an all-time great at the plate.

If it wasn't for a knee injury ending his 2005 campaign at 14 games, Bonds would easily be over 2,000 RBIs and maybe even 800 home runs.

The Baseball Writers' Association of America simply hates Bonds. Scandals aside, his stats are all-time. The hall of fame is for the best of the best, not for who played the most golf with voters.

Does he need to send the writers a Derek Jeter style gift basket? At this point, I think anything is worth a shot.

If Edgar Martinez and his 2,200 hits and 300 home runs gets in before bonds, the hall should close its doors.

It's time to put the personal vendettas aside, and get Barry Lamar Bonds in Cooperstown.