Pn Thursday, July 5, eight individuals boarded a flight in Oklahoma City that would take them to Canada. This was a mission trip to meet the pastor and church family of an Ethiopian Baptist church there in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Earlsboro Indian Baptist Church had voted last October to partner and support the Ethiopian congregation. Rev. Galen Greenwalt, pastor of the Earlboro church, had met Pastor Kaleab Warku last year on a Vision Tour with the BGCO (Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma) and NAMB (North American Mission Board) of the Southern Baptist Convention.

There were eight individuals who made the journey, with both adults and teens. The group included Pastor Galen Greenwalt, Sondra Greenwalt, Megan Olguin, Esther Bell, Lvmhe Zediana, Skye Bell, Alec Strange and Kaleigh Strange. The mission effort included several different ministry opportunities, as Edmonton is a very diverse city with about one million in population. The days were filled with special events, cultural experiences, Bible study, worship times, helping with evangelism events, shopping at the largest mall in North America, eating different ethnic foods, and sharing in churches.

The mission team did Bible studies and prayer times in the hotel lobby, a prayer drive through downtown Edmonton, singing of Creek hymns and Bible verses in Muscogee Creek language, singing of a Comanche hymn, giving testimonies, and preaching to an Ethiopian congregation. Included was a visit in the home of a Korean pastor and wife who are ministering to First Nation tribes in Alberta, as well as the team later serving and sharing at a Block Party to reach the neighborhood of a 20-story high-rise condo building. The team returned home late on Tuesday, July 10, from an unforgettable experience.