Fire Station No. 2, at 1401 N. Bryan St., is on the verge of being done as its remodeling project wraps up over the next couple months.

Fire Station No. 2, at 1401 N. Bryan St., is on the verge of being done as its remodeling project wraps up over the next couple months.

Shawnee firefighters will soon be back in full force — again numbering three firehouses once the effort is complete.

Shawnee Fire Chief Dru Tischer said Station No. 2 is getting really close to completion and it is looking great.

“The roof and exterior brickwork are 99 percent complete and much of the interior work is now done,” he said. “The interior walls of the living quarters are painted and the contractors were painting the walls of the apparatus bay Wednesday.”

He said the contractors have started regrading the exterior of the property to ensure proper site drainage and will be preparing the site for concrete paving as soon as the utility companies complete running electric and gas lines.

“We are hopeful the contractors will reach substantial completion on the project and turn the building over to us by the third week of August,” Tischer said. “From there, we will need to up-fit the station and make sure everything is working properly.”

He said his goal is that the station will be reopened in early September and soon after that the department will plan a hose-uncoupling ceremony — as is customary in fire service.

Tischer said he is really appreciative of the support from the citizens of Shawnee, the City Commission and City Manager Justin Erickson, in seeing this project through.


Repeated mold issues — caused by ongoing water leaks and drainage problems — had the city facing a decision whether to repair the site or remodel altogether.

Choosing to tear the building down to the pre‐engineered “red‐iron” structure and concrete slab, expansion was designed to improve the apparatus bay and update the fire station from that point.

Though not all news has been positive, corrections have been made.

“The building was missing quite a bit of steel,” he said. “It has now been added. It was not up to code at all; it was not right at all.”

He said there's been a huge improvement to the site, though during the remodel the project did encounter a new issue.

Tischer said the contractor inadvertently damaged a few of the post-tension cables in the concrete pad while relocating some of the original plumbing.

He said he worked closely with the general contractor and a sub-contractor — that specializes in the type of repair — was consulted.

Overall, Tischer said he feels very good about the quality of the design and the work that has been done to this point.

The fire department's focus continues to be on ensuring this project is done right, he said.

“The end product will produce our stated goal of providing a fire station that will serve our community and fire department for a minimum of 40 years,” he said.

Watch for updates.