Some ideas are better than others.

I know when we have corporate conference calls, sometimes it sounds like those who lead our company expect us to squeeze blood from turnips, but we aren’t allowed to have any turnips, and we have to convince people that any blood we squeeze is actually wine.

It doesn’t make sense. It sounds impossible. But at least there is a clear target for us to pursue.

Then it becomes my job to go to my staff and convince them that we can make it happen. It helps if you have a plan. It helps more when you are willing to make it fun.

Making it fun helped one French mayor keep his village happy during a rough situation.

One French mayor was ready to do anything to appease the residents he leads.

In the riverside village of Brillolay, mosquitos became a big problem after heavy rains led to flooding.

There wasn’t much Andre Marchand could do about that as mayor, but that didn’t stop people from bugging him about the pests.

So he wrote an order to ban mosquitos from the town.

Now that’s a political platform everyone can support.

“I was being stopped and questioned by so many inhabitants of Briollay that a councilor told me to take out the decree against mosquitoes,” the mayor told reporters. “It was just a humorous way of making the locals understand that I can't actually do anything. Most of them found it funny.”

Marchand was looking to do something to get rid of the pests. They had tried traps and other treatments, but nothing worked well enough, fast enough, so he used the power the voters had bestowed onto him.

After he did, and with the help of all of the traps and other treatments, the mosquito problem finally began to wane.

Marchand used humor to relate to people who were suffering along with him. Even though his decree can’t be credited with the absence of even one mosquito, the people he leads suffered less because of how he handled the situation.

We can all learn from that. We all face difficult issues, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun while we’re at it.

It won’t make the problem go away any faster, but it will make the work easier.