Tuesday, one day after a Shawnee 18-year-old was charged in a Lincoln County murder plot that resulted in the shooting of his girlfriend's mother, the 15-year-old girl also arrested in the case was formally charged as a youthful offender.

Tuesday, one day after a Shawnee 18-year-old was charged in a Lincoln County murder plot that resulted in the shooting of his girlfriend's mother, the 15-year-old girl also arrested in the case was formally charged as a youthful offender.

Lincoln County court records show Sage Breanne Crneckiy, 15, is charged with the same felony counts — three counts of conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree and two counts of shooting with intent to kill.

On Monday, her boyfriend, Zachary Shane Sligar, 18, was charged with the same counts.

Both are charged in the July 20 alleged murder plot to kill Crneckiy's parents and sister, which resulted in her mother being shot in the face and hand.

Upon conviction, the conspiracy counts are each punishable by10 years in prison, while the shooting with intent to kill counts each carry a punishment up to life in prison.

And while their charges are the same, their ages do impact how the cases may proceed though district court.

Sage Crneckiy is listed as a youthful offender, the most serious way she can face charges.

“Youthful Offender charges are quasi-adult charges requiring juveniles to undergo a psychological evaluation and a youthful offender study,” said Adam Panter, first assistant district attorney.

Based on those evaluation results, and if she is ultimately found guilty, there are three possible results for her case, he said.

She could face the full range of punishment as an adult or she could be reverse-certified as a juvenile delinquent. A third result could mean she proceeds as a youthful offender and has to complete a treatment plan while in the custody of the Office of Juvenile Affairs.

While charges were filed, her next court date isn't yet scheduled.

In the first conspiracy count, Sage Crneckiy is accused of conspiring and agreeing with Sligar to commit murder, with Sligar acquiring a .45-caliber handgun and shooting Beverly Crneckiy.

In the second, she is accused of the same, with Sligar discharging a weapon at her father, Sherman Crneckiy, as part of the conspiracy. That shot missed hitting him.

And for the third, she is accused in the conspiracy with Sligar obtaining the weapon to commit murder on her sister, Minuet Crneckiy, as part of the conspiracy.

For the shooting with intent to kill counts, she is accused, with Sligar, of shooting the mother and firing at the father.

According to the background of the case, Sage and her mother spoke on July 20 about her going through the process to become an emancipated adult so she could be with her boyfriend.

The mother didn't agree and the two, who have dated about five months, allegedly came up with the murder plot so they could be together, deputies said during the investigation.

After she visited with her mother that night, Sligar left the home near Sparks and returned to his home in Shawnee, but then Sage allegedly called him and they started planning how to kill her parents, with the plan being to wait until everyone was asleep.

In the plan, the two, who even packed their bags, planned to kill the family and then steal their money and credit cards so they could drive to Bartlesville, the affidavit shows.

According to the warrant, they planned to kill the sister too because it would give them more time to flee without the shooting being reported.

Court records slow Sligar, while at home, found his father's .32 automatic pistol and loaded one bullet into the chamber since the magazine was missing. That was the gun Sage was allegedly to use to kill the sister, Sligar told investigators, and he also took a knife for a backup weapon.

A short while later, Sligar told investigators Sage called to tell him that her sister was asleep. She called again to say her father was asleep, then called a third time to tell him her mother went to bed.

At that point, he took the knife and gun and talked with her on the phone while he drove from Shawnee to the female teen's home along SH 18B.

Sage allegedly met him at his pickup where he handed her the loaded pistol he had and put the knife in his pocket. The two then went to retrieve a 45.caliber handgun from her father's gun safe after Sage gave him the code.

Sligar told deputies he loaded the magazine with seven or eight bullets from ammunition stored with that firearm.

While talking to authorities, Sligar said he and Sage began walking towards the house and trailer when Sage allegedly “chickened out,” and told him she couldn't go through with it.

He said she followed him inside as he walked into her parent's room.

“Sligar said he entered the bedroom and stood at the foot of the bed. Sligar said he pulled the trigger once towards Sherman and pulled the trigger once towards Beverly,” the affidavit reads. “Sligar said after the second shot, the firearm malfunctioned and he saw Sherman jump out of bed.”

Sligar got scared and allegedly ran out of the front door, with Sage following behind.

The shooting occurred at the family's home at 344714 E. Highway 18B. Deputies received a 911 call about 12:01 a.m. July 20 from Sherman Crneckiy about a shooting at his address.

In that call, Sherman Crneckiy calmly gave dispatchers his address.

“We don’t know what happened – we think my wife may have just gotten shot in the face....we were just woken up by an explosion,” the caller said.

The sheriff said their first unit was on scene at 12:11 a.m., and the EMS and fire department were dispatched at that time for the mother, who was shot in the face and hand.

The investigation and the murder plot twist unfolded from there.

The mother is expected to recover from her injuries.

Sligar remains jailed in Lincoln County, while Sage remains in the custody of a juvenile detention center.

Watch for updates.