The City of Shawnee has been notified of another Edward Byrnes Memorial Grant opportunity and plans to apply.

Every year, the Department of Justice allocates and affords funding for law enforcement entities to apply for.

This particular grant opportunity must be shared by two county law enforcement agencies and historically the Shawnee Police Department and the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office share this grant. 

The grant is managed thru the Shawnee Police Department with the Sheriff’s Office as a sub-recipient.  This grant is geared towards purchasing equipment not already in annual budgets. 

Last year, the grant was for $20,979 and the Police Department used its half towards the purchase price of an electric motor cycle and the Sheriff’s Office used its portion towards the purchasing of ammunition.

In years past items purchased were: body cameras, crime scene material, Tasers, Tac-Team equipment and flashlights to name a very few.  This year, the allocated funding that must be shared is $23,421. 

The Police Department is already looking at repeating its request from last year and using its portion of this year’s grant to go towards the purchase of a second electric motor cycle.  The two agencies meet and discuss what they need and agree on a split but community suggestions are always welcome.

Anyone with suggestions for the grant can contact Shawnee police, 405-273-2122 or the Sheriff's Office, 405-275-2526.