Shawnee City Manager Justin Erickson has notified the Shawnee City Commission that he has accepted a position in Washington State.

“It has been my sincere privilege to serve the City of Shawnee for the last 10 years, including the last three as City Manager,” Erickson said. “I appreciate the strong support I have received from the Mayor and City Commission and I have especially enjoyed working with citizens, elected and appointed officials, community partners, and City staff to improve the quality of life for Shawnee residents.”

Mayor Richard Finley commented that, “Justin has been a force of change in a very positive way and is leaving us with good momentum. The new half-percent sales tax that recently passed will provide funding for many essential projects and I expect the near-term future to be a continuation of the progress we have made over the last few years.”

“I am especially proud of all the strategic planning work that has been done under Erickson’s tenure and the strengthening of community relationships and partnerships that has occurred,” added Finley.

Mayor Finley noted that the search for Erickson’s replacement would start right away stating that, “the City Commission will be appointing an Interim City Manager very soon, establishing a search committee, and conducting a national recruitment.” This process is expected to take approximately 90 days.

Erickson came to the City of Shawnee from Washington State in August 2008 to serve as the City’s Community Development Director. He was appointed City Manager in June 2015.