Freedom of the press is legally protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

But when President Donald Trump publicly calls the media an “Enemy of the People,” he's mocking everything that has made America great for hundreds of years.

The basis of our democracy is a free press — one that allows people to get information from many different sources not restricted or dictated by the government — so people can make their own conclusions.

The press has been there through major events, documenting history and keeping people informed. Sadly, a new poll shows that 43 percent of Republicans want to give President Trump the power to shut down the media.

But that insane thought goes against our democracy and everything America stands for.

While there can always be a few bad apples in any profession, statistically, the job for most journalists is a true calling and most are in it for the right reasons — to tell the truth. And most work tirelessly to do a good job.

We're not an enemy of the people.

We're part of your community.

Journalists are your neighbors, the person shopping beside you at the grocery store or the one sitting next to you in local movie theater.

We're there at the often empty city council or school board meetings to report on what happens and to hold public officials accountable. We're there when tragedy strikes, whether it's a house fire or a traffic accident. We cover local sports and attend and cover school events. And we're there to tell the stories of everyday heroes and members of the community who are doing good things for others. And so much more.

Being a journalist is all about a true dedication to make a difference.

And that calling often comes with a lot of sacrifices for many journalists — time away from family and friends, not always working the best schedules and usually non-existent holidays — and of course there are other professions that would pay better and be less stressful.

We choose to work countless hours to get the story and get it right, and we often put more pressure on ourselves than anyone could ever imagine — all to make sure everything we do is fair, accurate and that names are spelled right. We take our roles as public servants very seriously.

Our lives revolve around news, deadlines and a passionate dedication to get the story for our readers, even when unexpected things happen at any time of the day or night, whether we've had some sleep or no sleep at all. And days off … well, we give those up a lot too.

Journalism is our calling. We work to serve our readers and members of this community.

Do we sound like an enemy of the people to you?