The Shawnee Public Schools district is notifying parents about its response and investigation into a threatening message found on a bathroom wall at Shawnee High School on Friday. An increased police presence is expected on the campus over the next several days.

Here is the district's statement:

"Earlier today Shawnee High School officials found a scribbled message on a girls’ restroom wall listing a future date for a school shooting with the message, “you’ve been warned.” High school administrative staff and police immediately began investigating this matter to determine if the threat was credible. Since the date indicated was in the future, it was determined that there was no immediate danger to our students or need to lock down the campus," the statement reads.

"At this time, the investigation is ongoing and includes, but is not limited to, the review of video footage of traffic in and out of the restroom in an attempt to determine a suspect or witness. As a result of this situation you may notice an increased police presence on our campus over the next several days. Once we conclude this investigation we will follow up with any necessary information. We take all threats seriously and collaborate with our local police to ensure the safety of students and staff during these times."

The message is now on the district's web page and parents have been notified through phone calls.