Extra police patrols were held at Shawnee High School Monday after a threatening note was found on a bathroom wall there Friday.

The threatening message came on the second day of the school year. The district reported it to police, issued a statement on its website and sent out automated phone calls to parents.

Monday, the district spokesperson referred to the Shawnee Police Department for any updates.

“We are collaborating with them regarding the generalized threat statement and rely on their expertise to determine credibility and safety concerns,” said Cherity Pennington, SPS spokesperson.

Shawnee Police Cpl. Vivian Lozano-Stafford said Monday afternoon that police are still investigating the note but she said there was no new information to report in the case.

On Friday, the district said they found “a scribbled message on a girls’ restroom wall listing a future date for a school shooting with the message, 'you’ve been warned.'”

“Once we conclude this investigation, we will follow up with any necessary information. We take all threats seriously and collaborate with our local police to ensure the safety of students and staff during these times,” the SPS statement concluded.

Watch for updates.