Pottawatomie County Sheriff Mike Booth wants the public to be aware of a scam that involves someone impersonating one of his deputies.

Thursday, the sheriff's office received a total of three calls from people inquiring about having a warrant. Those people were contacted by a scammer claiming he was Deputy Scott Hawkins to tell them they owed bond money. Hawkins did not make such calls.

The sheriff's office is investigating the calls, but until then, the sheriff and Hawkins want the public to be aware. One of the persons involved said the caller claiming to be the deputy wanted her to pay a $5,000 bond online.

Hawkins, who said this is not how they operate with warrants, said anyone with questions can contact the sheriff's office, 405-275-2526 or the Court Clerk's office, 405-273-3624.

This scam, as well as those claiming someone owes a fine for failure to show up at jury duty, are common scams. Hawkins said anything a caller claims should be verified and warns everyone to be on alert.

Anyone who receives this type of call is also encouraged to contact authorities as well.