Several citizens in the county have received phone calls from a scammer asking them to pay money allegedly owed for outstanding warrants.

The phone number shows to be out of El Reno. The male caller identifies himself as Scott Hawkins of the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Department and insists it’s an emergency that the warrants are taken care of right away.

Citizens have reported that the scammer is very demanding, rude and even used profanities.

Residents began calling in or showing up at the sheriff's office Thursday asking to speak to Sgt. Scott Hawkins to take care of warrants they were told they have. Sgt. Scott Hawkins is an actual employee of the sheriff’s office since 2002 and is assigned as an investigator for Crimes Against Women, but he did not make these calls.

The sheriff's office is currently looking into the matter and urges citizens not to fall for these types of calls.

“We’ll never ask for money for fines owed; it’s paid directly to the court clerk's office. We’re also not in the practice of calling citizens to let them know they have warrants; we simply come and make the arrest,” the sheriff's office reports.

A collection service contracted by the county for unpaid fines mails out notices and make phone calls in an effort to collect. If you do owe on fines and you have questions about payments, call the court clerks office at 405-273-3624.

This scam, as well as those claiming someone owes a fine for failure to show up at jury duty, is a common scam. Hawkins said anything a caller claims should be verified and warns everyone to be on alert.

Never give out your personal information and, when in doubt, go to the courthouse or call 405-273-1727 to speak to someone directly. Anyone who provided the scammer with payment or personal information should contact the local law enforcement agency to file a report.