GCTC Pre-Engineering Academy math students worked on a Barbie Bungee project to learn about linear equations recently. Student teams collected data and wrote equations to predict how many rubber bands would be needed to attach to a Barbie doll to maximize the distance it falls when dropped from the school roof without striking the ground.

Students performed experiments using eight rubber bands and plugged the results into an equation to predict the number of rubber bands needed for the doll to fall as far as possible without striking the ground. Then teams ascended to the roof to test their predictions. The best results came from the team of Haley Kidney, Bethel School; Chandler Wilson, Bethel; and Konnor Almand, Chandler. They used 33 rubber bands that allowed their doll to stop 12 inches from the pavement. The GCTC Pre-Engineering Academy math instructor Jamie Crouch was assisted by Director of Instruction Roger Farris.