In what was a short two-day trial this week, a Pottawatomie County jury on Tuesday returned two guilty verdicts in a case involving the assault of a local police officer.

In what was a short two-day trial this week, a Pottawatomie County jury on Tuesday returned two guilty verdicts in a case involving the assault of a local police officer.

Robert P. Lockner Sr., 49, of Shawnee, stood trial this jury term on two felony count of assault and battery on a police officer.

Charges were filed in Pottawatomie County District Court in August 2017 and the trial began Monday.

After deliberations Tuesday, the jury returned guilty verdicts for both counts.

Lockner was sentenced Tuesday and received four years with the Department of Corrections for each count, after a former felony conviction.

He is currently jailed in the Pottawatomie County Public Safety Center and will remain there until he is transferred to a DOC facility.

Lockner's trial was the only criminal case expected during this week's jury term.

Several other local cases that were originally anticipated and scheduled this term have been postponed while another could be held next week.

The defendant charged in a Walmart stabbing case was up for trial Monday, but that case is now listed for trial on next week's docket.

In that matter, Roy Dean Harjo, 47, is charged in the December 2017 stabbing that injured a 17-year-old during a late-night incident at Shawnee’s Walmart.

He is charged with one count of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, along with four counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, court record show.

Police investigating that case said the suspect was allegedly seen yelling and hitting a woman before the teen reportedly approached them in an attempt to stop that assault.

Other criminal cases postponed

Several other criminal cases anticipated this jury term have been postponed.

The defendant charged with second-degree murder in the 2017 death of Tecumseh Police Officer Justin Terney will not go to trial this jury term as initially scheduled.

Brooklyn Danielle Williams, 24, the reported driver of the vehicle involved in the traffic stop that ended with her passenger allegedly shooting that officer, was scheduled for trial beginning on Monday.

Although her attorney objected to a continuance, court records show, her case was continued to the October disposition docket, meaning her trial won't be held until sometime next year.

That's also the case for Byron Shepard, 37, the man charged with first-degree murder in Terney's death. A previously-set special session jury term for him was postponed and his case will be up for review later this month.

First Assistant District Attorney Adam Panter said some changes in personnel at the medical examiner's office and an autopsy review prompted the delay for the trial of Williams, but she will likely go to trial in the January 2019 jury term.

Shepard's 2019 trial date is still unknown. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in the case against Shepard. Terney, 22, died March 27, 2017 from gunshot wounds he suffered in an alleged shootout with Shepard, a passenger in Williams' vehicle.

In another ongoing felony case involving felony charges of enabling child sexual abuse, the scheduled trial for a Shawnee woman also was postponed.

Danielle Shoopman, 28, has pleaded not guilty to two counts of enabling child sexual abuse. Her case has been continued until the October disposition docket, court records show.

A motion to continue the case was granted by the judge despite the state's objection, court records show, and she waived her right to a speedy trial. The case is now scheduled for review on the Oct. 23 docket.

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